Yandy Smith

The Celebrity Face of David Ford’s High End Luxury Eyewear

Yandi Smith's Frames:



The Brand Ambassador

Celebrating the success of their ground-breaking (extremely unique) lifestyle eyewear, the David Ford Collection is honored to present their "Brand Ambassador" Yandy Smith (producer, entrepreneur, actress, and reality television star). Smith teamed up with CEO/Designer/Celebrity Eyewear Stylist and houses to come along in a while, no wonder the elite of entertainment, sports, fashion, music, etc., are wearing frames from the David Ford line.

A brand that transcends trends and is defined by lavish style, the David Ford frame has quickly become "Must Have" eyewear. "Our frames are: innovative, upscale, and manufactured with exceptional quality products. They are created to intentionally make a statement of confidence. Thus, we are devoted to enhancing or adding to the attractiveness of an individual" says Ford. He continues, "We set out to do this by purposely designing for faces normally considered unusual or unique in nasal and/or facial shapes." Industry insiders offer David Ford high fashion eyewear exemplifies class and style for the bold, which makes this brand second to none.